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Should You Get Acne Extraction Treatment? 6 Things To Know

When you look in the mirror, you see it — another glistening, red pimple has appeared on your cheek.

Should you squeeze it, pop it, or simply ignore it?

If you try to pop it yourself, you risk introducing infection and leaving an ugly scar. Your best option is to seek acne extractions from a dermatologist.

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1. What is acne extraction?

Acne extraction is a treatment that removes comedones from blackheads or whiteheads.

It helps cure acne scars, prevent future acne breakouts, and speed up the recovery of current acne lesions.

The entire cycle of acne buildup is reversed once the pores are treated with acne extraction. This will leave your skin healthier, younger, and more beautiful.

2. How is acne extraction treatment done?

Dermatologist extractions are similar to those available at home. They are, however, performed in a controlled environment with sterile tools.

This acne treatment is typically utilized after other techniques, such as oral and topical drugs, have failed to treat acne.

It can also be used to treat blemishes fast in specific cases.

Here’s a step by step process:

  • To begin, open the clogged pore. Sebum, oil, and dirt squeezed into a small pore can cause tearing and scarring.
  • The tech will ensure that the accumulation has a clear path.
  • Applying pressure around the acne lesion will drive the sebum out. To avoid skin harm, determine the pore’s orientation and apply pressure where necessary.
  • During the operation, your technician may use suction tools and lances to help remove debris.

acne extraction treatment

3. What to expect during acne extraction?

Acne extraction is a reasonably painless and quick process. The procedure should take no more than a few minutes, depending on the size and depth of the lesion.

Your provider may apply a numbing lotion to the region depending on your skin type. This is usually the only pain medication patients may require.

The treated region may appear red and inflamed for the first few hours after the acne extraction. This should diminish within a day or two.

Because whiteheads and blackheads can reappear, you’ll need to stick to a skin care routine to avoid new blemishes.

Most acne cysts or nodules will flatten within 2 to 3 days after receiving a corticosteroid injection.

4. Benefits of acne extraction

It removes blackheads and whiteheads without harming the skin.

It’s a lot safer than trying to get rid of blackheads or whiteheads on your own.

A dermatologist can relieve inflammation and clear obstructions without hurting your skin by utilizing sterile equipment and good technique.

This lowers your chances of getting acne scars, a typical problem among people who pop their pimples at home.

It helps to keep wrinkles at bay

While aging is difficult, you may ensure that your face remains youthful. It’s something you’re doing. By receiving pore extractions regularly, you’re cleansing your skin and enabling it to breathe.

This boost in oxygen, combined with a healthy dose of collagen, is a winning combination. Hormone production will keep your skin healthy and avoid wrinkles in the future.

Thorough scrubbing

Your technician will exfoliate your skin regularly to remove any oil, toxins, dirt, and bacteria that have clogged your pores.

They’re usually plucking at deep whiteheads and blackheads that have been bothering you for a while. If the procedure fails, they will inform you if it is too soon to remove it.

They’ll also let you know how long it will take to do so. They will finally be able to eliminate these recalcitrant pores if you visit them frequently.

Benefits of acne extraction before and after

5. What are some of the downsides of acne extraction?

It won’t fix all of your skin problems

Extractions are beneficial for unclogging pores and maybe cleaning the skin. However, they won’t actually reduce the size of your pores. All the debris you remove is likely to return.

Help cut down on the buildup and prevent more from accumulating in your pores through a skincare routine. That may include gentle exfoliation and skin moisturization.

It is intrusive

When an aesthetician performs extractions, she manipulates the pores with her fingertips. She may also use a metal tool to remove the sebum that causes acne. Some extractions may require a small incision or a prick with a lancet, a pointed tool.

It poses serious risks

There are potentially significant risks associated with acne extraction if it is not handled by a specialist, including:

  • Scarring
  • A skin infection caused by bacteria.
  • Acne that is worsening

The safest approach to avoid significant complications is to have the operation done by a medical professional. By that, we mean a dermatologist or a skilled aesthetician.

Attempting to extract a pimple on your own by picking, popping, squeezing, or otherwise is a recipe for disaster.

6. When should you visit a dermatologist for acne treatment?

When you squeeze a pimple, it may or may not pop outward. It will often erupt or pop inward. When keratin is extruded where it shouldn’t be, it may result in an inflammatory reaction. Worse, it could result in scarring.

All pimple-popping and other skin conditions should be left to the pros. This holds especially that some varieties can only be adequately treated with professional assistance.

Professionals should remove pustules, which require piercing the skin with a sharp tool. Attempting this at home may transmit bacteria to other places on your face. It could worsen the pustule that already exists.

Similarly, attempting to extract milia at home is never a good idea. These may resemble whiteheads, but they are more difficult to remove and frequently require the use of a blade-type tool.

If you have an upcoming event, have your extraction done by a dermatologist or aesthetician to avoid excessive aggravation. For further information, contact Team Dermatology.

Acne extraction before and after: What should you expect?

Board-certified dermatologists at Team Dermatology are able to treat nearly every incidence of acne successfully. That’s thanks to their wealth of medical knowledge and competence with the latest technologies in treating acne.

The results are significantly superior to those obtained with over-the-counter lotions and other medications.

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