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Winter Skincare Tips

Dermatologist-Approved Winter Skincare Tips

Winter is here, and so are seasonal skin problems. Dryness and itching are the most common skin issues that arrive with the chilly weather. All skin types are prone to the effects of cold weather.

To protect your skin from the cold weather effects, you need to be mindful of your skincare routine.

By taking these proactive steps, you can help protect your skin against the harsh impact of the winter season.

Modify Your Skincare Regimen

As more severe weather sets in, you must tweak up your skincare regime just like you adapt your wardrobe to fight off the winter chills. It would be best if you had extra moisture this season, so replace your lighter lotions and creams with denser products.

Ensure all your products are alcohol-free and fragrance-free as these products effectively retain your skin’s natural oils. Similarly, opt for gentler cleansers to lock the moisture in.

Moisturize Frequently

Keeping your skin moisturized is more important than ever during the winter season. Invest in and apply good hand cream. Wearing gloves while doing chores around the house helps avoid direct exposure to water and abrasive elements, further protecting your skin’s moisture.

To keep your skin moisturized and hydrated in the colder weather, you should massage in a good cream right after a shower or bath while the skin is still damp to avoid conditions like eczema or ‘winter’s itch.’

Wear Comfortable and Nonirritating Clothing

As your skin is already prone to dryness in the winter, you should make sure that nothing aggravates it further. Winter clothing materials tend to be a little rough, so add breathable layers underneath heavier outerwear.

Fleece and cashmere are also good choices of materials for winters.

Double-check the fabrics, especially if you have sensitive skin conditions, as metal embellishments and the presence of nickel can make your skin irritable and itchy. Take off the tags or wear tag-free fabrics to reduce friction. And make sure your outfit is loose and comfortable.

Stay Hydrated

Water intake and food supplements are of great importance to the health of your skin. Water has multiple benefits, and soft, supple skin is just one of them.

You can also opt for herbal teas like green tea, rich in antioxidants, along with plenty of water during the day.

Food supplements and mineral-rich natural foods and fruits are also important for hydrated skin. Omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids such as fish oil and flaxseed oil also play an important role in hydrating your skin.

Avoid Licking Your Lips

Moisturize your lips frequently with lip-balm, petroleum jelly, or other ointments to prevent cracking and dryness. While many people instinctively lick their lips when dry, this actually exacerbates dryness.

If you are participating in winter sports, make sure to use a lip balm with Zinc oxide as it is an amazing sunscreen that protects your lips and face from harmful UV rays.

Keep Your Shower & Thermostat Temps DOWN

Hot showers and higher indoor temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin and dry out all the natural oils. The chilly elements outside already seize all the moisture and luster from your skin; raising the thermostat will dry up the remaining hydration.

While hot showers feel great, they can also cause extreme dryness leaving your skin to suffer afterward. It is better to keep thermostats at a moderate temperature and use a humidifier in your bedroom and home and work.

Consider a Humidifier

Running a humidifier is a great way to add moisture back into the air, be it your office or home. It adds moisture to the dry winter air and hydrates your skin. Besides, higher humidity will make your environment feel warmer, lessening the need for turning on the heater.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen.

The winter months may not be as sunny as the rest of the year, but that does not mean that you can omit sunscreen from your skin-care routine. Ultraviolet rays are present even in the coldest climates, and they affect your skin all the same in any weather. Therefore, wearing sunscreen is a great idea all year round, even in cloudy winter months. You may also opt for moisturizers that double as sunscreen.

TeamDerm Can Help with Your Winter Skincare

We hope that these tips will help you maintain soft, smooth, and supple skin throughout the winter months. Keep yourself well-hydrated and your skin moisturized, and you will feel the difference. If you feel you need something extra, feel free to call Team Dermatology at 832-572-5533 or schedule an appointment online for personalized winter skincare plans, products, and services, customized by experts.

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