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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Filler?

Derma fillers, which are injectables used to fill areas in the face where volume has been lost mainly due to aging, have become popular in the cosmetic industry nowadays. Because of this, many people believe they are risk-free. However, too much of anything is never a good thing. If a patient falls into the hands of a medical practitioner or aesthetician who is not qualified and doesn’t fully understand the intricacies of facial anatomy, things can go wrong.

What happens if you get too much filler on your face?

These are some of the expected outcomes if a patient gets too much filler:

1. An Avatar Nose

Nasal filters are the most popular non-surgical alternative to surgery. A nose is considered aesthetically pleasing if it has well-proportioned angles, a straight dorsum, a sharp tip, and an excellent front-to-back projection. With fillers, it can be too easy to go overboard, especially on the nose bridge. The nasofrontal angle, which is the angle between the forehead and the nose, is obliterated, resulting in a broad and unusually high nose bridge. The outcome looks like the one the aliens in Avatar have, hence the name “Avatar Nose.”

2. Filler Fatigue

Filler works by expanding an area or pocket beneath the skin’s surface. Once the filler is removed, whether by chemically dissolving it or being absorbed back into the body, the tissues are left in a more stretched-out position. To visualize it, think of sucking the beans out of a bean bag and then leaving it with an excess, sagging bag. Over time, the filler can stretch and weigh down the skin. This might require using more fillers in the succeeding procedures, resulting in a never-ending cycle of filling and absorbing.

3. Pillow Face

Pillow Face is the result of overfilling dermal fillers in the cheeks and under the eyes. Although full cheeks are considered youthful, using too much filler results in unnaturally puffy cheeks that look out of place considering the person’s age. Pillow Face is usually the outcome of the strong desire for “apple cheeks.” Too much filler in the cheeks and beneath the eyes destroys the natural lid-cheek junction. Like a pillow, the whole middle of the face will bulge outward, and the eyes will shrink.

4. A Witch’s Chin

Many desire a strong and well-defined chin because it balances the face and makes it more V-shaped. However, injecting too much filler into the chin might result in a sharp and overly pointed chin, looking similar to that of a witch.

5. The Bulging Forehead

Since there’s an underlying bony skull, our foreheads have natural contours like the eyebrow ridge. Keeping these contours is important. If you’re going for a natural look, you need a flat or slightly concave area surrounding the temples. If too much filler gets injected into this area, the temples become rounded and look like they’re about to burst. Facial contours that overly round look embarrassing and scream “I’ve had too much filler.”

6. Bony Cheekbones

Getting contouring fillers is one of the most popular treatments because it shapes the cheekbones and gives the face more structure and definition if the procedure is performed correctly. However, if the treatment is executed poorly, it can result in overly protruding cheekbones. This unfortunate outcome can give the face a distorted or out-of-proportion appearance.

How To Protect Yourself From Having Too Much Filler

To avoid getting too much filler on your face, it’s crucial to educate yourself first and choose reliable and qualified medical practitioners to do the cosmetic treatment. Clear communication between you and your doctor is a major factor. Discuss first all the areas that you want to be treated and ask for an estimate on the number of syringes needed. Always remember that it’s better to slightly underfill and just come back for more than to overfill.

What should you do if you already have too much filler on your face?

If, unfortunately, the damage has been done and you think you’ve had too many fillers on your face now, don’t lose hope. In most cases, reversing fillers is possible. This procedure will undo the results and restore the patient’s face to its original state. It’s crucial to choose a highly-trained dermatologist for the procedure in order to achieve the most accurate and safest result.

This procedure involves using a reversal chemical called hyaluronidase. It will be injected into the skin to dissolve fillers that have caused a dangerous or unfavorable effect on the face. However, reversal may be impossible in cases where permanent fillers were used.

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If you’re planning to get fillers, it’s important to educate yourself first on the different types of dermal fillers. It’s also crucial to get the opinion of a qualified and reliable doctor. Derma fillers are popular, but that doesn’t mean they can be administered by just any aesthetician.

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