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Holiday Food Choices for Skin Health

Holiday Food Choices for Skin Health

It’s that time of year again–the holidays are approaching, and with them come the feasts, sweet treats, and dietary indulgences that this time of year is known for.

Are you determined to take care of your skin from the inside out this holiday season? Read on to learn what to eat and what to avoid during the holidays in order to protect your skin.

The Effect Holiday Food Has On Your Skin

Ahhh the holidays… That time of year when families come together to eat, drink, and be merry. But all of that celebrating can wreak some serious havoc on your skin, not to mention the stress that comes along with some holiday get-togethers!

Holiday Foods to Avoid for Skin Health

As you sit down to feast this holiday season, avoid these foods in order to protect your skin:

  • Too Much Protein Yes, protein is an essential nutrient, and including it in your diet in moderation is important. But gorging on meat, cheese, and nuts this holiday season could leave you with more dense lymphatic fluid which contributes to those pesky under-eye circles.
  • Salty Snacks If you binge on cheese, chips, and pretzels at your next holiday get-together or go heavy on the stuffing, you may find that you wake up the next day with puffy skin. Salt promotes fluid retention, which manifests as swollen skin. Plus, salty cheese is full of inflammatory properties.
  • Baked Goods If you have a sweet tooth, the holidays provide some of the most intense temptations of the entire year. But all those pies, rolls, and morning pastries take their toll on your skin. Avoid damaging your collagen or triggering breakouts by staying away from baked goods this holiday season.
  • High Sugar Alcoholic Drinks Alcohol consumption can do some serious damage to your skin. While it’s fine to enjoy a glass of wine with Thanksgiving dinner or sip on a cocktail at a holiday party, try to avoid going overboard with the booze. Dehydration is a surefire way to increase the appearance of wrinkles and encourage puffiness.

Holiday Foods to Enjoy for Skin Health

Holiday Foods to Enjoy for Skin Health

Choose a few of these skin health-boosting options when deciding what to eat this holiday season:

  • Anything Cranberry Stock up on antioxidants by filling your plate with cranberry jam and relish! Antioxidants help to fight sun damage and slow down the skin’s aging process.
  • Turkey In small doses, protein can jumpstart your skin’s collagen production. Turkey offers high-quality protein with less saturated fat than other meats. To make the most of Thanksgiving turkey, take a small portion then fill the rest of your plate with vegetables and complex carbs.
  • Veggies Roasted vegetables are often holiday classics and are great for skin health. Cooking veggies this way allows them to retain their vitamin and nutrient density while also tasting great without the need for heavy sauces. The nutrients found in vegetables, especially leafy greens, boost collagen production and skin cell regeneration. During the holidays, fill your plate with squash, sweet potatoes, and even green bean casserole!

The main takeaway when it comes to your holiday diet is to choose veggies and nuts over baked goods and chips and go light on the sweets and drinks. Remember to keep hydrated this holiday season in order to protect your skin health!

How to Treat Holiday Skin Damage

Looking for some professional skin advice going into the holidays? Or hoping to get back on track after some overindulgence? Make an appointment with an experienced dermatologist today to discuss how to get your skin health back on track.

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