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Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? Everything You Need To Know

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that destroys individual follicles and removes unwanted hair.

The use of lasers for hair removal has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in recent years, with over one million procedures performed in 2016 alone.

However, not everyone understands how this procedure works and how to treat different body parts. Laser hair removal is a beneficial process, but it must be done correctly and safely.

The laser burns the hair at the root, making it impossible for another one to grow in its place. Many people who undergo laser treatment will say it was not as painful as expected.

Here are several things you need to know before getting this procedure done.

How does laser hair removal work?

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a commonly used procedure that removes unwanted hair. While it’s usually reserved for smaller areas,

like the face and bikini line, laser hair removal can be performed on larger areas, such as the arms or legs.

During the treatments, laser light is emitted through a handpiece to the skin. The laser light passes through your skin and targets the pigment in the hair follicles.

It helps destroy the hair follicle’s ability to make more hair. The treatment is done over a particular area until there’s no hair regrowth for months.

How long does laser hair removal last?

The duration of laser hair removal is uncertain.

It can vary per person, depending on the hair and skin types, skin tones, sensitivity, the area to be treated, and the laser or device used.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Is laser hair removal painful_

Laser hair removal has been around since 1997. Just like waxing and shaving, the procedure hurts a bit.

Laser hair removal is a two-step process involving a laser to destroy the hair follicle and then using another laser to soothe the skin.

There are many different types of lasers that work in different ways. Lasers that target pigment will be better at permanently removing hair than lasers that target texture.

The amount of pain you endure during your treatment depends on which type of laser your technician uses. Your pain tolerance also matters.

But the fact is, all lasers can cause pain. Some people have a low tolerance for pain and experience more discomfort than others.

This is where our little friend “local anesthesia” or numbing cream comes in.

How much does laser hair removal hurt?

At first, it can be a little scary. As you lie down on the table, legs spread, with a laser device directed at your intimate areas. But don’t worry – it doesn’t hurt one bit.

The sensation of having the laser pass over your skin is pretty much like when you get a tattoo—a decided tickle and snap.

And just like getting a tattoo, after the procedure, you’ll have some redness and swelling that lasts for about 24 hours after the procedure.

There’s also a risk of hyperpigmentation, a darkening of the skin that can last up to two years.

If you’re going to be in the sun during that time, you’ll want to apply sunscreen daily and wear protective clothing.

Which hair removal treatment areas hurt the worst?

Which hair removal treatment areas hurt the worst_

The part of the body that is being treated by the laser has an impact on how much discomfort you feel. Some parts of the body are less painful than others during treatment.

When it comes to sensitivity, places with thinner skin tend to be more vulnerable, while those with thicker skin are less so.

Treatment areas with moderate pain include:

  • Legs
  • Stomach
  • Cheeks

The following are a few of the more tender points:

  • Back
  • Upper lip
  • Crotch area
  • Bikini line

In the long run, not shaving or waxing may be worth the inconvenience.

What does laser hair removal feel like during a treatment session?

After laser hair removal treatments, most patients experience little to no discomfort.

You may feel mild warmth, tingling or stinging sensation during the treatment;

if you do not like this feeling, talk with your electrologist about it before the procedure begins.

Hair removal side effects

Some of the side effects of laser hair removal that some people experience include:

  • burning
  • itching
  • redness
  • swelling at the site of treatment
  • hyperpigmentation, which is a darkening of the skin that can last up to two years

Some side effects are specific to each patient. Most of them are temporary and related to the individual’s sensitivity.

Before you begin treatment, your electrologist will try to identify any factors that could cause you to have an adverse reaction.

They will then try to eliminate that possibility by removing the factors or modifying the laser procedures.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Is laser hair removal permanent_

Laser hair removal is a safe, effective method of removing unwanted hair. After treatment, you will experience permanent stopping of your body’s ability to grow hair.

The overall success of laser hair removal treatments becomes apparent after four to six sessions. Between 70% and 90% of patients can expect to have permanent hair loss.

It will take longer than six sessions for some patients before they notice results. Your electrologist can explain the level of success you can expect from your treatments.

Some patients will need a few more sessions than others to remove all the hair on an area successfully. In addition, the hair may grow back in a few weeks or months after treatment.

This is because it damages the hair follicles when the laser energy hits them, but not completely.

Hair may resume growing in three to six months. Your electrologist can use other treatments and techniques to destroy and remove these individual hairs.

How often do you do laser hair removal?

Most people having laser hair removal are doing it every six weeks. Some do it monthly, some weekly, depending on how fast their hair grows and the type of laser used.

Laser hair removal is a process and not a single treatment. It needs patience and discipline, as well as money.

A regular maintenance schedule is required to reach your goal of smooth, hairless skin.

Safe Hair Removal Procedure

Safe Hair Removal Procedure

As you can see, laser hair removal is a safe and effective method of permanent hair removal.

The technology used has come a long way since its introduction many years ago, and the continuing research should only serve to make it even better.


how laser hair removal works.

We hope you’ve found our blog post helpful in understanding how laser hair removal works.

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