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Here’s why winter is the best time for a chemical peel

Winter is probably the best time to kick off a skincare regime as your skin undergoes a daily battle against extreme weather conditions. 

To improve your skin texture and make it glow: enter the world of chemical peel. This non-invasive treatment reduces blotchy patches, acne scars, age spots, pigmentation and improves skin texture. 

So, if you have years of sun damage mixed in with smoke-damaged skin, add chemical peel to your winter to-do list this year. 

But wait, let us first explore chemical peel and why it is essential to do in winters.

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical Peels have been a go-to treatment for many years, and despite the developments in aesthetic treatments, they are still as popular today as they have ever been earlier. 

It seems like a harsh treatment when, in reality, some are as mild as a facial and can produce some of the most dramatic results. 

In this procedure, a chemical solution has been applied to the skin, making it blister and eventually peel off by removing the layer of dry, damaged skin, rejuvenating the skin underneath. 

Essentially, a chemical peel allows new cells to grow easily and gives the top skin layer a healthy glow.

So, are you a good match for a chemical peel?

Generally, chemical peel works well on fair and light-haired patients. So, if you’re seeking to enhance your overall skin without going through some major procedures, go for light or medium peels as it will remove dead skin and clear all clogged pores.

Sags or severe wrinkles on the skin do not respond well to chemical peels. Therefore, avoid going for the treatment: if you have a darker skin tone, tendency to have pigmentation, abnormal skin marks, undergone an acne treatment within the last year, or on specific medications.

However, the best chemical peel for wrinkles and shallow scars is deeper peels that have more downtime.

Now comes the big question, why winter?

Once you make up your mind for the skin treatment, scheduling an appointment should be your next task but, when? 

Winter is the right answer because right after you undergo a chemical peel, your skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight. That’s why it is recommended to go with chemical peeling when the weather is cooler, days are shorter, and the sun is not so glaring. 

The other benefits are as follows: 

  • UV Levels: UV levels are low this time of the year, making it the best time to get a chemical peel. Also, because of less sun exposure, hyperpigmentation & premature aging are treated easily through peels in winter.
  • Shed dead skin cells: To prevent dry skin, people bump up their use of skin products. You will be surprised to know that peeling makes skincare products perform better as no dead skin cell prevents the product from penetrating the skin. 
  • Prepare your skin for warmer months: One of the best chemical peel benefits is that it keeps your skin ready for the harsh weather before it arises. 
  • Winters are less busy: Chemical peel requires several weeks to recover. So, people find it easy to take off and stay indoor without any work pressures. 
  • Less to no irritation: Light and medium peel are quick to heal but can cause redness and irritation that can be worsened in summers. Winter can rescue and protect your skin from those problems. 

Interested in a chemical peel?

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