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How to Get Rid of Forehead Acne

Tired of those annoying, stubborn bumps that pop up on your forehead? Many factors can contribute to forehead acne, but luckily there are plenty of treatment options out there no matter what the cause. Read on to learn how you can say goodbye to forehead acne for good!

What is forehead acne?

Pimples can crop up in disproportionate numbers on the forehead area. Small red bumps called papules, whiteheads, blackheads, or pus-filled pustules can appear in this area seemingly out of nowhere. Acne shows up when the natural facial oil (sebum), or dead skin cells get clogged in pores. There can be many factors that influence pore-clogging. 

What causes forehead breakouts?

These are some potential reasons for your forehead acne:

  • Hormones (Changes in hormone levels, such as during puberty, around the menstrual cycle, or pregnancy, can trigger excess oil and make bumps appear on the skin’s surface.)
  • Hair products (Forehead acne can actually stem from the hair. If your hair is overly greasy, some of that oil can spread to the face. Using products like gels or oils to style your hair can lead to pimples known as pomade acne.)
  • Skin Irritation (When your skin gets irritated, such as by the material your pillowcase is made of or frequent hat-wearing, pimples can pop up as a result. Touching your forehead is another way to spread oil and trigger a breakout. Some ingredients in makeup or foundation can also irritate the skin and bring about forehead bumps.)
  • Stress (Pimples are a result of acne-causing bacteria, inflammation, clogged pores, and hormonal changes, and stress can be the underlying cause of all of these things. Therefore, chronic stress can be accompanied by chronic forehead acne.)
  • Medication side effects (Many prescription drugs produce acne as a side effect. Among these potential culprits are corticosteroids, lithium, anticonvulsants, or bromides and iodides found in cough medicines. Check with your doctor to see if any medications you are taking could be causing your forehead acne.)
  • Poor hygiene (Neglecting to wash your face and hair enough can cause oil to build up and clog the pores, leading to pimples. How often you should wash your face depends on a few factors, but generally, twice a day should be sufficient.) 

Forehead acne treatments

Although there are many ways to tackle forehead acne (depending on what is causing it), the most important step you can take is to wash your face regularly. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Use a gentle cleanser that has acne-busting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or retinol. The effectiveness of these face washes varies from person to person, so you may have to try a few different cleansers before you find the one that’s best for you.
  • Wash your hair every few days, and use a shampoo specifically for oily hair if that is an issue for you. You may just see that forehead acne start to clear up!
  • Avoid putting anything on your forehead. This could mean tying your bangs back, switching out your pillowcase, or avoiding hats and headbands for a while.
  • No matter how tempting it is, avoid touching your forehead. Wash your face and keep those fingers away.
  • Let your stress go! If you’ve been feeling stress or anxiety that seems to coincide with your breakout, try addressing what’s going on in your mind. Seek help from a professional, or get into a meditation practice or other calming habit.
  • Look into natural treatments such as zinc or biotin supplements, aloe vera, tea tree oil, or diluted apple cider vinegar. 
  • Most importantly, make an appointment with a dermatologist! A professional can help assess your personal acne situation and make recommendations based on the factors that are contributing to your pimples. This may include a prescription for oral medication or a topical gel. 

Have no fear, you can definitely get to the root of your pimple flare ups and make that forehead acne go away! Start by making an appointment with someone from our professional team and find the best treatment for you. 

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